We don't administer any English exams, but we recommend you speak basic English since we don't provide translators.


GO Broadway Teen is for ages 13-18. Students will be under adult supervision 24/7. 

GO Broadway Pro is for ages 19 and up. 


We offer scholarships based on merit and financial need. These can be obtained by auditioning in Buenos Aires through Marcelo Velasco Vidal.


Winter: Please bring comfortable clothes for all classes. We recommend that you dress with a lot of layers. It gets really cold outside but there's heat in every building. Gloves, scarves, and a hat are a must when it snows. Don't forget to bring waterproof boots and an umbrella. 

Summer: Please bring comfortable clothes for all classes. We recommend that you wear light colors and summer fabrics. Don't forget to bring comfortable shoes as you will be walking a lot around the city. 


Customized packages of lessons and classes are available upon request throughout the year. Please contact info@go-broadway.com for more information. We also offer private trips for 15th Birthday Parties and private groups.


We offer private lessons in New York during the year. Please contact info@go-broadway.com for more information.


GO Broadway does not issue refunds under any circumstances, including but not limited to weather, health, travel problems or visas. 

Because all of our workshops are customized based on the students who are enrolled, once a reservation is confirmed, there is a cancellation fee for students who withdraw from the program.  The cancellation fee can be applied as a credit towards future participation in our workshops if the student desires (based on availability).   

In the event that the scholarship recipient does not attend a GO Broadway, the scholarship does not apply to future seasons of the program.  

 In the case that a GO Broadway is cancelled/postponed, the scholarship recipient can apply the scholarship to future workshops of the same price.  The scholarship is not redeemable for cash.  GO Broadway is not responsible for travel arrangements or lodging that must be cancelled.

All of our prices are in US dollars.