How old do I have to be to participate in a GO Broadway program?

The GO Broadway Teen program is for ages 13-18. Students will be under adult supervision 24/7.  

The GO Broadway Adult program is for ages 19 and up. There is no minimum age for private lessons or customized workshops.

Do I need previous experience?

Our philosophy is to meet students where they are at and work individually on each performer’s strengths and weaknesses. We do not require previous experience. Most of our classes are divided in levels, except for Master Classes.

Do I need I need to speak English?

We don't administer any English exams, but we recommend you speak basic English, since we don't provide translators but will make sure the teachers speak slowly and use simple language when/if needed.

Can I take classes with GO Broadway outside of the February and July programs?

Yes. Customized packages of lessons and classes are available upon request throughout the year. Please email us at: info@go-broadway.com.

Will I receive a student ID?

We provide student IDs to all of our students on the first day of class. These can be used to obtain discounts on show tickets, museums, restaurants, and clothing stores around New York.

Will I receive a diploma from Manhattan College?


Our programs end with a final performance and graduation ceremony, where each student gets a diploma from Manhattan College, as we are part of their non-credit programs. We encourage you to invite friends and family who are in New York. We will also be streaming the performance on Instagram for all of those who can't attend in person.


Do you offer any scholarships or discounts?

We offer scholarships via auditions held in various Latin American cities. At the moment, all of our scholarships have been assigned for February 2019. We offer discounts to groups of 3+ participants.

How can I sign up?

In order to sign up for our programs, you need to do complete the application form on our website and leave a USD $200 deposit to guarantee your spot.

What are the payment methods?

We accept cash, credit card, checks, and wire transfers. All of our prices are in US Dollars.

What happens if I paid for the program and I can’t travel?

GO Broadway does not issue refunds under any circumstances, including but not limited to weather, health, travel problems or visas. Because all of our workshops are customized based on the students who are enrolled, once a reservation is confirmed, a cancellation is not possible. In the event that the scholarship recipient does not attend a GO Broadway, the scholarship does not apply to future seasons of the program.   In the case that a GO Broadway workshop is cancelled/postponed, the scholarship recipient can apply the scholarship to future workshops of the same price. The scholarship is not redeemable for cash. GO Broadway is not responsible for travel arrangements or lodging that must be cancelled.


Do I need a visa to enter USA?

A tourist visa (B2) is required to enter the US from most countries. If you are a member of the European Union, you need to obtain ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) in order to enter the US. GO Broadway does not issue visas, but we can provide guidance on the necessary steps to obtain one.

Do I need to book health insurance?

GO Broadway provides health insurance for the TEEN program students. All other students need to book health insurance through a provider or a credit card company. If you have any medical conditions, please inform us at the time of sign up. If you take medications, please bring enough for the length of the trip.

What should I wear in New York?

Please make sure to bring comfortable shoes to walk around the city. You will need comfortable clothes for movement classes, a formal attire outfit for the final performance, and dance shoes. We recommend that you bring a ski jacket and snow boots for the February program and light clothes for the July program. Layers is key when it comes to getting dressed in NYC!

Can I stay in NY longer after the program ends?

Yes, you are more than welcome to stay as long as your visa is valid. If you would like to book additional lessons or get a discounted hotel rate, let us know.

What is the GO Broadway concierge service?

We know that planning a trip to study abroad can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Therefore, we have a team of New Yorkers who can provide guidance with booking discounted Broadway tickets, airport transfers, hotels, restaurant recommendations and reservations and everything you need to make your stay as fun, easy and memorable as possible. This is available at no cost to all our our students.

What do I need to know about the lessons in general?

Please arrive on time to class. We recommend getting to the studio 10 minutes early, as all of our classes start on time. Food, gum and beverages (with the exception of water) are not allowed in class. Please restore the room to neutral after each class, and toss any water bottles or paper in the garbage.

When will I get the program schedule?

Students will receive the final schedule 2 weeks before the start of the program. If this is your first time visiting NYC, we recommend that you add 2 days to the trip for tourism.

Do I have to prepare anything for class?

We believe that choosing the right repertoire is a big part of a performer's success. We ask that all students submit a video of themselves performing once they sign up for the program. Our team will select songs for each student based on the video submitted. Please make sure you submit a song in English of any of the following styles: uptempo balad, classical song (legit) or Broadway contemporary Broadway (Pop – Rock – R&B). We will provide sheet music and a songbook for all the material assigned. We ask that you bring your music to every class during the program.

When will I get the song assignments?

Song assignments will be received 2 weeks before the start of the program in the form of sheet music. We ask that you come prepared with music and lyrics.

Can I sing in any other language other than English?

We ask that you sing in English as our teachers are American.

Can I add extra classes to my trip?

You can book additional voice, dance or musical theater lessons before, during or after the program. Please email info@go-broadway.com for rates and schedule.

What happens if a teacher misses class?

Most of our teachers are actively working on Broadway so there's always a chance an audition, a rehearsal or a last minute performance comes up. We have subs lined up for our classes in case any scheduling issues come up.

What happens if a class gets cancelled due to the weather?

As long as the studios are open and the teachers and students can make it to class safely, classes will take place. In the event of a weather incident, we will do our best to reschedule the class (pending all parties’ availability).

What happens if I miss a private lesson?

Our teachers have busy schedules coaching hundreds of students. Any classes cancelled with less than 24 hour notice will not receive a refund.